August 10th – 11th 1914 (Ed. Note. Day is dropped from entries. See photos below.)

Not very comfortable at schools. Grub better. Went for march round. Slept at schools.

When there is an entry on the left, we will show the whole note. This says ‘mobilization’.


Ed. Note: SEHR after Waterloo could be S&HR. We assume it’s a railway designation. If anyone has more information, please comment below.

August 12th 1914

All went for Battalion drill until 12.o’clock. Returned to schools. After grub all 1st draft told to fetch their bags and marched to Headquarters, and from there to Waterloo (SECR) where we caught train to Chatham at 4 o’clock, and arrived about 6 o’clock. Quartered on H..M.S. Egmont. Very comfortable quarters. Grub excellent. Commander Glennie R.N. in charge. Very decent chap.